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Antica Dolceria Rizza


A successful story

Don Nelì, the family progenitor in 1935 opened his dairy in the heart of Modica and he never imagined that one day that place and his family would enter the "Olympus of the Sicilian confectionery tradition" . His son Peppino was one of the first to understand the potentialities and the many ways of working ice cream and chocolate, so soon the Latteria Rizza became a real "hotbed" of taste: a corner of paradise where to taste the "sweet art masterpieces".
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Leading-edge goodnees

Don Peppino has become over the years the undisputed creator of a varied sorbetteria and an innovator in the production of Modica’s Chocolate: a leadership still recognized today, after so many years.
He experienced the approach of Modica's black gold with other genuine ingredients of Sicilian tradition. Famous are his aromatic bars in many varieties to savor sliced or in a hot and steaming chocolate cup, invaluable secrets that have been handed down by father to son for four generations.


Original flavors

So the Antica Dolceria Rizza in Modica, faithful to the tradition of Made in Sicily, as well as innovation, through the particular "cold" processing of Modica’s chocolate keeps the flavor and organoleptic properties of the food still unaltered today, giving the most greedies the authentic ancient flavor. The artisan workshop is well-equipped, a true taste factory, which guarantees high-quality production and the use of first choice ingredients.
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